PowerPoint For Mac OS – Cropping Images To Fit Shapes

This tutorial will be useful for Mac users. You will learn how to crop various images in PowerPoint in order to fit your shapes. It is very important to make your PowerPoint presentation as visual and stylish as possible. In such a case, PowerPoint shapes are one of the best tools to make visual presentations. Once you start applying shapes, they will get some extra space which will easily draw the eyes of your target audience. Also, your information will be easier to understand and memorize. If you want to add some extra visual flair, it is also possible to crop images in order to make it fit in an automatic mode inside your PowerPoint shape.

PowerPoint Presentations – Combining Shapes

Would you like to learn the way to make custom shapes for PowerPoint presentations? Any custom shape can be created simply by combining various shapes. You know when we work on PowerPoint presentation we can use standard shapes installed into PowerPoint program. However, such standard shapes do not suit all PowerPoint presentations. That is why you can merge various shapes and make interesting custom shapes for your next presentation.

PowerPoint Presentations – Playing Music In Slide Background

Is it possible to play various music sounds in the background of your PowerPoint presentation? In fact, this is the best trick you can do to make your PowerPoint presentation be much more alive. You should try to punch your PowerPoint slides up with some matching sounds. However, you should not forget that it is not always appropriate to play music. You should keep in mind the subject and your target audience. When you feel that people can enjoy your music during PowerPoint presentation then you should not hesitate and add nice sounds and play them during your current PowerPoint presentation. Simply by applying this easy trick you will make your PowerPoint presentation shine in front of a big audience.

Google Drive And Gmail – Storage Quota

The team of Google Apps makes various announcements on a regular basis. If you pay attention on them, you must have already heard that Google Drive/Gmail has presented a storage quota which is unified.

Suspending Google Apps Users in Bulk

Would you like to know how you can suspend users of Google applications in bulk? It is not a secret that the process of removing Google users from your personal domain can be tedious which is just the same as you do with adding new Google apps users to your domain. You should know that you have special deletion permanence. It is very important to take care with such actions. In fact, this is always the best thing to do is to suspend a user before you take the final decision to delete him fully from your domain.

Google Documents – Finding Word Count With A single Keyboard Shortcut

When we word in Google Docs application we must know how to do editing. Sometimes documents become very long and the time we spend on editing it can become too long. In this short tutorial you will learn about a shortcut which is available for all users of Google Docs. It will make your work go much faster.

Google Mail – Accessing Features Without Your Google Mail Address

Google Mail has recently released some new features which make our Google experience even more efficient. Now you can access these features even without your personal address. Before in order to access these features we must have our personal account on Google Mail, but now the situation has changed completely.