Copy PowerPoint Slide Master From Your First Presentation

In this tutorial you will discover the easiest way to copy your slide master and all layouts, which are associated with this slide master from one PowerPoint presentation to another one.

Pasting Slide Master Into New PowerPoint Presentations

Go to the tab “View” and press “Switch Windows”.

Save A New PowerPoint Template And Apply It To Your Presentation

You have created a new PowerPoint template and now you want to apply this template to your current PowerPoint presentation. In this tutorial you will learn how to use saved templates for another PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint – Problems With Designer Suggestion

Some users of PowerPoint have problems to see suggestions of PowerPoint Designer. Why does it happen? If Design suggestions are not available at the moment, the following things may cause this issue:

PowerPoint – How Can One Remove The Background Of Pictures?

Using PowerPoint you can easily remove the background from your picture. This will help you to highlight and accent the main subject of your current picture. Also, this is the best way to get rid of all distracting elements.

Working With PowerPoint Sections

In this tutorial you will learn how to add and remove sections inside your PowerPoint presentation. You know how to use folder on your personal computer in order to organize your files and in the same way you should use sections in PowerPoint presentation. This is the way to organize PPT slides and divide them into groups.

PowerPoint – Summary Zoom

What is Summary Zoom? This is a landing page which demonstrates different pieces of your PowerPoint presentation. All these pieces are shown all at once. When you are delivering your PowerPoint presentation, it is desirable to use the feature Zoom to jump from one piece of your presentation to any other one in any desirable order. This is the way to get revisit/skip ahead/creative pieces of ppt slides without interrupting the entire flow of PowerPoint presentation.