Create Unique Business Cards in PowerPoint?

Create Unique Business Cards in PowerPoint?

If you need a high-quality business card, PowerPoint 2013 has the capability do perform this task. You will need the Program PowerPoint installed, good access to the Internet, paper, printer and some creative and fresh ideas in your head. Most users prefer to use PowerPoint program for making presentations. But we can try to make business cards and find out the result.

For any businessman and company it is essential to have corporate business cards. They are a great tool for promoting any business. If you have just opened a small business and do not have a big budget for business cards, then this tutorial will help you time and money.

The process of making business cards in PowerPoint is not difficult at all. It requires some basic skills and knowledge about the program. Without doubts we can say that PowerPoint is quite appealing.

Now get ready to accustom to PowerPoint and repeat the following steps:

1. Refer to the tab “View” which can be found in the group “Show/Hide”.

2. Choose the check box “Ruler”.

3. Then find the toolbar named “Drawing” and click there “Rectangle”.

4. A standard box should be drawn (2 x 3.5).

5. Refer to the tab “Format”.

6. Set to none the fill.

7. Do the same with line setting it to black.

8. Write down your creative text or insert your company logo.

9. Use zoom function in order to edit your business card.

10. Finally print out the cards.

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