Google Slides – Adding Transparent Or Faded Background

In this article you will discover a great trick which will help you create a presentation in Google Slides app. We can guarantee you that your slides will look much better with creative multimedia elements.

It is not so difficult to make a good presentation in Google Slides. However, if you want to jump to a higher level and make awesome presentation, then you should try our trick which is very efficient when you deal with multimedia elements in your presentation. It is a good way to brighten your presentation with creative multimedia elements.

Adding transparent or faded background to your images in Google Slides presentations

Google Slides – Adding Transparent Or Faded Background

Where do faded/transparent images work well? They can serve you as a very efficient and eye-catching slide background. Such image effects provide much more visual interest to your target audience. At the same time, faded/transparent images are not overwhelming at all and they will never distract people’s attention or overshadow the text content of your presentation.

Follow these steps:
1. First of all, your image has to be inserted into your Google Slides presentation. This image will be your background. You can do this by pressing “Insert” and then “Image”.
2. In this step you will have to resize your inserted image. Make sure that your image fills the entire slide up.
3. Now you must right click on your inserted and resized image and press “Image Options”.
4. Find the slider “Transparency” and slide it in order to find the best faded/transparency level. Finally your creative slide with faded/transparency effect is ready.

We have just described a good method to create faded/transparency images, but this method is not the only one. You can make the same effect in numerous outside programs. Once the effect is done, you just have to press “Background” (see the top of your PC screen) and upload your image with faded/transparency effect. By doing this you will apply this image to all presentation slides in your current project. It is up to you which method to use – the result will be more or less the same.

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