Microsoft Office – How Can You Insert Icons

While working with Microsoft Office files, it is very simple to insert SVG (Scalable Vector Grapics) and icons into any kind of presentations, emails, and workbooks. Once your graphic or icon has been inserted into your document, you can resize/color/rotate it without losing the quality of your image.

The way to insert icons:
  • Start with pressing “Insert” and then “Icons”. If you do not see this feature available, this means that you use the version of MS Office which does not support this feature. It is recommended to use MS Office 365 on Windows Mobile/Android/Mac/Windows.

    The Illustrations group contains tools that let you add shapes, icons, SmartArt and more to your document

  • You should scroll through available icons or categories simply by pressing the name in the left-side navigation pane.

    You can choose an icon to insert from the Icon library in Office

  • Once you have chosen the icon, you should press “Insert” at the right lower side. If you want to insert several icons, you should press every icon before pressing “Insert”.

    You can select multiple icons to insert by clicking each of them once.

  • In h final step you can modify your inserted icons by changing the size/color/rotation.

The way to insert SVG files:

What are SVG (Scalable Vector Grapics) all about? This is a special type of graphics which ou can resize, change the color, or rotate without losing the quality at all. If you want to insert your SVG file into Excl/PowerPoint/Outlook/Word, you must have the application Office 2016 installed on your device.

  • In order to insert SVG file using MS Office 2016 for Windows, you will have to drag + drop your SVG file from File Explorer of Windows into your Office document.

  • In order to insert SVG file using MS Office 2016 for Mac, you ill have to press “Insert” > “Pictures” > “Pictures from file”.

  • In order to insert SVG file using MS Office 2016 for Windows Mobile/Android you just have to follow the instructions which are available in the app inside.

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