Resizing Pictures To Exact Proportions

In this tutorial you will learn how to resize your inserted picture to exact proportions. Follow these steps:

Excel Documents – Inserting Pictures Into Excel Cells

While working with Excel workbooks, it is very important to know how to add pictures to your current workbook. In fact, the picture will not be inserted into your Excel cell, but it will float above the grid of Excel cells. However, it is possible to make your picture look like it is placed exactly in the cell.

The Fastest Way To Insert Pictures To Your PowerPoint Presentation

It is very easy to insert or copy any kind of pictures into your PowerPoint presentation or any other Microsoft Office documents. You can insert pictures from online or directly from your computer. You should know that Microsoft Office does not provide ClipArt in its applications any more. However, now you can search for pictures online and then insert then in your Office files. Just find the ribbon and press the tab “Insert”. You can use the button “Online Pictures” or “Clip Art”.

Sending 3D Models Via Personal Emails

Users of Microsoft Outlook (2016 version) have the opportunity to insert their 3D objects into their private emails. This is a great feature which is a full-sized message editor. For example, you can create your email, you will already be using this editor. However, if you reply to someone’s message in the reading pane, you will have to pres “Pop Out” in order to get the message editor expanded to its full-size. After this, you will need to go to the tab “Insert” and press the option “3D Models”.

Adding 3D Objects to PowerPoint Presentations From Remix 3D

If you want to add 3D objects to your PowerPoint presentation or any other Microsoft Office file, you should check Remix 3D which is one of the biggest online catalog offering an impressive collection of 3D models. You can choose any model for free. This is a great community where users can collect, upload and share creative 3D models. In order to choose a desired 3D model from 3D Remix catalog you will need to press “3D Models” and then “From Online Source”. You will see a dialog box appearing where you will be able to select a 3D image from a big catalog. Once you have chosen the image, you should just press “Insert”.

Modifying The Look Of Your 3D Model In Microsoft Office

Every time when you are going to insert a new 3D model in your Microsoft Office file, you will get access to the contextual tab (see the ribbon under “3D Model Tools” which is called “Format”). On the tab “Format” you will find various handy controls which can help you modify the way your 3D model will loon on your file.

PowerPoint Presentations – Getting Creative With 3D

You will be amazed to know that PowerPoint supports 3D models. You can insert them directly to your PowerPoint presentation in order to illustrate all major points. All 3D models can be rotates to 360 degrees or you can tilt them up/down. This will show your target audience a specific object or feature. This update and all its improvements can be accessed by all subscribers of Microsoft Office 365. You should check these innovations b joining the program Office Insider.