PowerPoint For Mac – Insert Videos From Your Personal Computer

This tutorial will give you a very useful information on ow to add various videos to your PowerPoint presentation which you create on Mac computers. It is possible to link or embed any kind of videos from your personal Mac computer into PowerPoint presentation. It goes without saying all embedded videos are very convenient. The only negative side the have is that such videos are stored in your PowerPoint presentation. This makes the size of your PowerPoint presentation too large. If the size of your presentation have to be as small as possible, you should consider linked videos. They will not affect the size of your PowerPoint presentation, but they may break. In order not to have problems with linked videos you should move the file and video itself together. In order not to have problems with linked video content, you have to copy your video into the same folder where you keep your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint For Mac – Insert Web Videos using LiveSlides

Would you like embed video which are web-based (for example, Vimeo or YouTube videos) into your PowerPoint presentation? If you use PowerPoint on Mac computers you will need to install the application which is called LiveSlides. This is a very efficient application which you will enjoy to use on a regular basis.

PowerPoint Online – Page Orientation

When you use PowerPoint Online for creating professional presentations, you should know how to change the orientation of your page. There are two main page orientations, which are portrait and landscape. A landscape is a horizontal page orientation and a portrait is a vertical page orientation. Both can be used in PowerPoint presentations, but you have to choose the one which suits your presentation better.

PowerPoint For Mac – Change Your Page Orientation

Mac users of PowerPoint will find this information useful if they want to change the orientation of your PowerPoint pages. You can choose between the portrait page orientation and landscape one. By default, PowerPoint slides are set up in the view which is landscape (some users call it horizontal page orientation).

Modifying The Orientation Of PowerPoint Page

There are two main orientations of PowerPoint pages, which are the portrait and the landscape. In most cases, all PowerPoint slides are set up in the landscape orientation by default. This is a horizontal slide view. However, it is not difficult to change this orientation to the landscape slide view.

Office Documents – Insert Movies, Audio, And Photos

Working with various Office documents you should know how to insert movies, audio files, and photos. In order to find various movies, audio sounds, and photos you should use Media Browser which is installed into your personal computer. You can insert these content into such files as Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Media Browser is the place where you can see displayed all movies, photos, and sounds which are saved on your iTunes, iPhoto, or any other media library.

PowerPoint Online – Inserting Videos From YouTube Channels

Working on your presentation in PowerPoint Online you can insert an YouTube video and then play this video in your PowerPoint Slide Show.