Section Zoom – Change Your Current Preview Image

Section Zoom has default settings. If they have not been changed, you will have Section Zoom as a thumbnail image of your PowerPoint slide. However, it is possible to get a new image from any web resource or your personal computer. This image should perfectly represent our PowerPoin slide or any section you will be going to.

What Do We Need Slide Zoom For?

If you use PowerPoint program on a regular basis, you should know what Slide Zoom is. Using Slide Zoom it is very easy to make your PowerPoint presentation much more alive and dynamic. Slide Zoom will help you navigate between PowerPoint slides. You can do this in any desired order without interrupting the general flow of your PowerPoint presentation. Slide Zoom is very efficient for shorter PowerPoint presentations which do not contain too many sections. However, it does not mean that you should avoid using Slide Zoom for large presentations. It will suit any scenario for your presentation.

PowerPoint – Section Zoom

You should know that Section Zoom is a special link to a certain section in PowerPoint presentation. You can refer to these links in order to come back to needed sections of your PowerPoint presentation for emphasizing or highlighting certain parts of your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Slide Zoom – Changing The Preview Of Images

If you have not changed the default settings of your Slide Zoom, you are able to preview all thumbnail pictures of PowerPoint slides. However, it is possible to select any new picture from your personal computer or any web resource. This will help you to represent PowerPoint slide or its section.

PowerPoint Summary Zoom – Adding And Removing Sections

Once Summary Zoom has been successfully created, you can still add/remove your sections from PowerPoint presentation. Once any change has been made since your first creation of Summary Zoom which you still need to capture, there is no need to start everything from the very beginning. The only ting you will have to do is to get your Summary Zoom updated.

PowerPoint Zoom – Choosing To Come Back To Your Home Page

Using PowerPoint and its Zoom feature you can choose to come back to your home page any moment or you can choose to continue through your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Presentations – Making Your Zoom Background Transparent

This tutorial will explain you how to modify your Zoom look. You can adopt the main background of your PowerPoint slide where you have placed the zoom. This will make your zoom quite indistinguishable from your major canvas. This will give a nice effect while delivering your PowerPoint presentation. You will have to choose “Zoom Background” in order “Summary”, “Section”, “Slide Zoom” blend in your home PowerPoint slide.