PowerPoint – Changing Zoom Transition Options

This tutorial is about the method of changing transition options of the zoom. If you do not change the default settings, you will have basic zoom transitions while delivering your PowerPoint presentation. This helps presenters make zooms so lively. However, sometimes we do not want to use these Zoom Transition or we would like to change the duration of Zoom Transition. So, here is what you can do:

General Information About PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint is a great feature which you should not ignore if you work with PowerPoint program on a regular basis. PowerPoint Designer will easily improve your PowerPoint slides and will automatically generate interesting design ideas. You can check all offered ideas and choose the matching one. You r duty is to put a relevant content on PowerPoint slides and the responsibility of PowerPoint Designer is to work with the background to make it match your content perfectly and create a professional layout. PowerPoint Designer will integrate an image into PowerPoint slide and all the content will be inserted on this image.

Interesting Design Ideas For Text Content

In this article you will discover some very interesting ideas for action-oriented, timeline and sequential-oriented text. You should know that PowerPoint Designer knows when you write a bulleted list, timeline on your PowerPoint slides. Also, it notices when you write a list of statement which begins with verbs. PowerPoint Designer offers you to turn your current list into SmartArt.

PowerPoint Designer – Turn Off This Option

Many people use PowerPoint Designer on a regular basis, but sometimes, you may need to turn it off. Here is how you can do this:

PowerPoint – Inserting And Linking To Videos On YouTube

While creating PowerPoint presentation you can insert/link any video you like on YouTube. It is very convenient way to play a video content while giving your presentation. This video will be played directly from YouTube and you will have all the controls, such as playing, pausing, etc.

SharePoint Online – Sharing Your Site

We advise you to use the command “Share” for inviting other people in the company to your site. Every time when you make a new site, this is the easiest way to give the permission to other people who may find your site interesting or useful . Once you start sharing your site, you will improve the collaboration on a mutual project. Just give needed people access to your files and other useful information.

OneDrive – Stop Sharing Files Or Change The Sharing Permission

It is very easy to stop sharing OneDrive files. First of all, you have to check who your file has been shared with and then you will change your sharing permission. The owner of files can edit sharing permissions any moment.