SharePoint – Getting Links To Files And Folders Which Can Be Copied

When you use SharePoint, there are many ways to share your links. In this article you will discover the way how to get links which can be copied and then pasted into yur website or text message. You will share these links with other people and they will be able to forward them to others.

SharePoint – Share Files And Folders In Office 365

All the files which are store on SharePoint are available to all people who have the permission to the website. However, it is also possible to share your files and folders with users who do not have the permission to the site. When you let people have access to files/folders, it is up to you to decide whether they can just view your files/folders or they can edit them as well. Sharing can be stopped any time you want.

Clear Understanding Of What PowerPoint Templates Are

We all work with PowerPoint program. Can you clearly say what PowerPoint template is? This is a blueprint ot pattern of PowerPoint slide or several slides which you save as a file in .POTX format. PowerPoint templates consist of different colors, fonts, layouts, special graphical effects, backgrounds, and other content. It is possible to make your custom templates and then store them in our personal computer. Such custom templates can be reused and shred with other people. Nowadays, you can find thousands on templates online absolutely free of charge. You can get templates at our website or refer to Microsoft Office official website.

Changing Or Removing Current PowerPoint Themes

When you start working with PowerPoint program, you should know that every presentation contains a certain theme. That is why, technically such PowerPoint theme can’t be removed. So, if you want to display as little colors in your PowerPoint presentation as possible, you should apply a basic Office Theme.

PowerPoint – Explain Other Users How To Use Your Templates

When you want to add the text content providing specific instructions on how it is better to use your template, you should do the following:

PowerPoint – Providing Main Instructions For Your Users’ Templates

Sometimes, we have to make new PowerPoint templates for other people. It is recommended to overwrite your text content in the placeholders, which are set by default. You can do this simply by adding “Custom Placeholder Text”. All the types and specifies of your information will be properly described and other people will have a clear idea what they should enter and how.

Microsoft Word Documents – Allowing Your Pictures To Overlap

This short article will be very informative if you want to overlap more than a single picture. This option can be enabled in the box called “Layout”.