Office For Mac – How To Insert And Customize SVG Files

In order to insert a file in SVG format into Office for Mac you will need to press “Insert” and then “Pictures”. In fact, inserting SVG files can be done in the same way as you insert any other kind of images.Now, let’s have a look how you can customize SVG images to change their look in your presentation/workbook/document. In order to get access to these tools you will need to click on SVG image and press the contextual tab “Graphic Format”.

Office For Android – Editing Images In SVG Format

There is nothing simpler than to edit images in SVG format using Office for Android. You will just have to choose your SVG image which has to be edited and press the tab “Graphics” which will appear in front of you on the Ribbon.An SVG image selected, showing the Graphics tab on the ribbonIn case the ribbon does not appear, you should press the icon “Edit”.StylesThere are many interesting styles available.

Office 2016 On Windows – Editing SVG Images

Scalable Vector Grahics or shortly SVG can be inserted and edited by the following programs: Microsoft Word/Outlook/PowerPoint/Excel on any kind of Windows, Android, Mac, and other modern mobile devices. This information will h interesting if your email/workbook/presentation contain SVG images which you want to edit. It is important to mention that this feature is available to subscribers of Office 365.

Giving Office Full Access to Images on iOS

In this article you will learn how to add picture/videos to your documents which are stored on iPhone/iPad. First of all you will need to give your access to Office applications. This is how you can do this:Start with pressing “Settings”.Click “Privacy”.Press “Photos”.You will need to slide your control for every Office application in order to give the access.Photo accessAdding already existing images:Start with opening your document/workbook/presentation.

How To Add Already Existing Images Using Windows Mobile

Start with opening your workbook, document, or presentation.Find the exact location where your image will be added and tap this place.If you use Windows on the tablet, press “Insert”.Insert tabIf you use Windows on your smartphone, you should click twice the slide r age where you want to see your image and press “More” (see the bottom of the screen), then press “Home” > “Insert”.

Windows Mobile – Using Formatting Features

When you have just added an image to your presentation you can format it using the features on the tab “Picture”.The following formatting features are available:StylesThere is a big gallery where you can find interesting styles. For example you can change the shape of your added photo or add eye-catching borders.StylesForwardAs a rule, all photos which have been added to your document are stacked in the individual layers.

How To Add Exiting Image Into Document Created In Windows Mobile

Working with images in Windows Mobile is very easy and pleasant.Below you will find instructions on how to take a new photo and add it to your document.Start with opening your document, workbook, or presentation.You have to tap the exact place where the image will be added.If you use Windows tablet, press the tab “Insert”. If you use Windows phone, you have to press twice your slide and then tap the button “More” on your screen.