PowerPoint Presentations – Recording Tips

This article is devoted to all kinds of recording you do while preparing or delivering your PowerPoint presentation. Find the list of tips below.

  • As a rule, when you add recording to your PowerPoint presentation, they get added on a per-slide basis. In order to modify your recording, you will need to record your affected PowerPoint slide once again. It is also possible to change the order of PowerPoint slides after the process of recording without re-recording any part of it. This means that when you record your PowerPoint presentation, you can just make a pause and have a break for as long as you wish.

  • You should know that PowerPoint does not record video/audio between sides’ transitions. That is why, when you advance your PowerPoint slide, you should not speak. A sort buffer of silence is recommended to be included at the very beginning as well as at the end of every PowerPoint slide. This will help you make all the transitions between ppt slides as smoother as possible. This is also important for not cutting the audible narration off during transitions from one PPT slide to the next one.

  • If you use PowerPoint Online, it is not possible to record the narrations. In order to get your narration recorded, you will need to refer to PowerPoint desktop version.

  • The size of your video can be adjusted and edited in the Edit View.

  • In order to experience the recording, your target audience can use PowerPoint Online. Make sure that they use only the transitions which are supported by PowerPoint Online: wipe, random bars, cut, morph, shape, fade, split, and push.

  • If you do not want to have any kind of problems with your recording, it is recommended to use PC touch-screen with a good camera.

  • Before you start your recording, you should use video preview and set up everything correctly.

  • It is recommended to make several copies of your PowerPoint slides if you want to get gestures recorded. Once, your multiple tasks have been recorded, all extraneous slides can be easily deleted.

  • When you advance after a certain set time, you should record few silent seconds simply b turning off video/audio.

  • If you want your recording to be high-quality, it is advised to use external microphone and camera.

  • Basic recording tasks can be easily performed with built-in microphones and cameras. However, if you need a video which will have a professional look, you should use a high-quality external web-camera.

  • People who use PowerPoint program or app on laptops/tablets, they ink with a stylus. If you want to get your stylus noise minimized, you should refer to a high-quality external microphone/camera.

  • Once the recording of your first PowerPoint slide is finished, you should play it back.

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